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10 Sexual Dreams You Get When You Are Young

10 Sexual Dreams You Get When You Are Young

Once I had told a friend that I always feel the urge to go and switch off the tap when water is overflowing and that is a priority for me.

My friend laughed and said – “Then 100%, sex is always on your mind”… I was baffled!

God knows what she meant. I mean what connection does tap water have with sex, I wonder? In fact, I am still wondering… Never mind!

Well, if love is blind, marriage is an eye-opener. And if sex is a part of life, then a sexual dream is a sheer symbol of life. Let’s be honest and admit that we all get sexual dreams. And we get it all the more when we’re young. We all crave for sex, but our various sexual dreams are more than just that. They can mean lots of things.

So today, let’s explore 10 sexual dreams you can get when you’re young and try to decode them –

Sexual Dreams –

  1. Having Sex with a Celeb

Such dreams are common and literally welcomed by us. Guys may fantasize having a good time with Katrina Kaif or Angelina Jolie and girls, with Salman Khan (age no bar and status – unmarried) or Johnny Depp. Well, if you dream of having intercourse with a celebrity you’re crazy about,it means thatyou admire him or her and have a secret desire to get him or her in your life. However, if you dream of having sex with a celebrity you’re not really fond of, it means that your subconscious mind likes something about him or her, it may be only one quality, and who knows, maybe you too want to be a successful star like him or her.

  1. Having Sex with your Boss

Now, that’s interesting but hota hai yaar! I too had a crush on my charismatic boss in my last company as he had a super-hot personality. Well, if you really really like your boss and have the hots for him, it’s not surprising at all that you’re dreaming of being in bed with him. But if there’s nothing like that and still, you dream of both being naked and in each other’s arms, then it means that you have all the qualities in you to be the next Boss or maybe you should express to him openly that you deserve a promotion or an increment, in a subtle manner of course.

  1. When someone is having forced sex with you

That can be really painful, but chill, it’s only a dream. Honestly, both girls and boys can dream of getting molested or raped. It means that the person, if you know him or her, is highly dominating and you feel vulnerable in his or her presence. If you dream of getting sexually assaulted by no one, then it means that in reality, you are facing a situation which you don’t like, and that particular situation is getting the better of you all the time.

  1. Having sex with a stranger

When you dream of having sex with a stranger, obviously minus the face or having a covered face, as you don’t know him, it means that you are seeking something new or unknown and want to unite with adventure. It may also mean that you want to get into a relationship as soon as possible.

  1. Having anal and oral sex

Ouch! Anal sex can be really painful. Excuse me, I’ve JUST heard about it, that’s all! If you dream of experiencing anal sex, it means that life is making you undergo immense pain, complications and difficulties. And if you dream of oral sex, it means that you’re at your creative best, walking on the right path and moving in the right direction. Hey, I’m also creative, but I’ve never dreamt of oral sex. Perhaps, I may get this dream when I am at my creative best. YET TO COME!

  1. Enjoying sex with yourself

Main apni FAVOURITE hoon! That’s exactly what this dream means. If you love yourself, so much that you celebrate being single, and are satisfied with all your traits and qualities, then you may well see yourself getting cosy with your own self in bed, in your dream of course, silly.

  1. Having sex with a ghost

Eew, creepy right? But if you get such a dream of making out with a ghost, then this means that you loved Zee Horror Show and are obsessed with The Conjuring 2. It also means that you consider yourself to be ugly or fear that your partner will be ugly, and you’re filled with negativity and impracticality as a ghost is a symbol of the ugly and the negative, and it’s practically impossible to have sex with a ghost, that is, if ghosts and spirits exist at all. It also signifies that you’re chasing the impossible.

  1. Savouring sex with your ex-flame

That can happen. Perhaps, you’re missing him. Or you’re missing the spark that was there in your last relationship which is not there in your current one. You aren’t satisfied, both sexually and emotionally with your current flame, and that’s why you’re getting recurring dreams of having sex with your ex-lover. Also, your subconscious mind may be suffering from the guilt of ditching or leaving your ex, which is why you are getting this dream.

  1. Having sex with a friend of the same sex

Relax, don’t worry, you’re not a homo or a lesbo. If you are, then don’t be surprised with such dreams, but if you’re straight, it just means that you’re super close to your friend and can feel his or her pain, and you think about him or her most of the time. You both also share many things in common, that is, umpteen likes and dislikes, and hence are sharing the bed in your dream.You may also want to be like your friend or want to possess one or more of his or her qualities, or you may be simply possessive about him or her. Hence, this dream.

  1. Enjoying wild sex

If you dream of getting wild in bed, then this means that you are daring and strong, you love taking risks, and want life to be racy, speedy and filled with adventure. You also very much detest boredom in life and well, you and your partner have fun in overpowering, dominating and pouncing on each other in bed by turn every night. Wild is more your thing!

So, these were the 10 sexual dreams you may land up getting when you’re in the pink of your youth. This is normal and doesn’t mean that you have any psychological problem, puh-lease!

And remember, no one dies a VIRGIN! Life f*cks you before you die. So, it’s better that you enjoy both your sexual life and your sexual dreams, yes your sexual dreams,  before you enter the dark valley of death.