Sex Sells! Sex Sells!! Oh Yes Sex Sells!! Are You Asking How?

Put “sex” in anything and it suddenly becomes a hot property! People are so intrigued by this term that our celebs use it relentlessly to gorge on name and fame. Many recent evidences and in the past too!

Every few days we get to read about a celeb whose nude or semi nude pictures or videos got viral “without their consent”! 

Aaah yes! Dish me crap and I will eat it! I am so naive!! 

The fact is that we have made “Sex” such an overrated saleable entity that a sight of it makes us go gaga. We are so intrigued and fascinated by it that even two dogs kissing each other will make a trending picture on net and fetch million hits! 

What exactly is this mentality? 

Well, whatever it maybe, our TV and Cinema World celebs sure know how to use it in their gain. So what if they can’t get an Oscar or a Filmfare for that matter, they can get their share of fame in a flip second. Thanks to the glorified social media and the fanatic world going all over it. Just make your presence felt in the most intimate indulgence (read sex act) and VOILA! You are a super star already! 

Want proofs to it? 

Vasundhra Kashyap Is A Star Now 

Not too far away, Tamil film industry actress Vasundhara Kashyap suffered (Yeah Right!) the mortification that Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence went through during the celebrity nude photo hacking – her intimate photos with boyfriend have been leaked on the Internet. Vasundhara Kashyap’s last role was in the film ‘Chithirayil Nilachuru’ in 2013. A number of selfies that Vasundhara Kashyap and her boyfriend took of themselves during intimate moments look to have been filched from her Instagram account.  They have been together as a couple for a while now. According to a Times of India report, Vasundhara Kashyap has deleted her Instagram account. Vasundhara Kashyap is known for her roles in ‘Vattaram’, opposite Arya, which goes back to 2006 and has also featured in Tamil films like ‘Jeyamkondaan’, ‘Kaalaipani’ and ‘Peraanmai’. According to TOI report, Vasundhara Kashyap and her boyfriend’s video too has been leaked. Just as in the earlier Hollywood celebrity nude photo leak case, the Vasundhara Kashyap story also goes to show the danger of keeping sensitive photos and data on your SocMed accounts. 

Now if I may ask, if the pictures were already on Instagram ( a social media platform), how exactly are they LEAKED? 

Isn’t this just another move by just another “not so famed” actor to get into the limelight overnight? Well, thanks to this photo leak news all  over the net, I suddenly know who Vasundhra is! 



Gautam Gulati Got His Moment Of Hot Fame Along With Diandra Soares 

On the similar grounds, contestant Gautam Gulati is suddenly trending again, but this time for his viral photo, which shows him locking lips with a mystery blonde. This photo has been passed around in social media and became a hot topic. Gautam Gulati is seen getting cozy and smooching a blonde foreigner, whose identity is not yet known. The photo gives an impression that Gautam Gulati was on cloud nine and in high spirits. Gautam Gulati has been in the news since his cozy bathroom romance with model Diandra Soares in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Unfortunately Diandra Soares was evicted from the house, but the audiences are fully aware of the great chemistry shared between the two. It was even rumoured that Diandra was pregnant and that was the major reason why Gautam’s lady love was evicted from the Bigg Boss 8 house. It was said that she had to visit the hospital for a check-up, but later on Diandra Soares confessed boldly, saying, “In my entire career I never became pregnant, then why will I be now?” 

Well, we never kept the counts of how many times you had sex in your career and whether or not you got pregnant, unless you are hell-bent on announcing it on TV Diandra! 



We have had many more instances involving Shahid And Kareena, Ashmit And Rhea etc. where there sex tapes made the rounds and like how! 

But the fact of the matter is, such news, or such glimpses where the celebs are CAUGHT in sex act or where they talk about there so called “FORBIDDEN” sex lives publicly, become viral and catch the frenzy of the masses, more than anything on the slate. 



Even the most sophisticated or the self-proclaimed “Intellectual” breed would be secretly watching and reading out such pieces, just for the thrill of it! They might just dismiss it later boasting out loud of their superior sensibilities, but would sure not shy away from gathering the fun before that. 

Are we so deprived of excitement (read SEXCITEMENT) in our lives that we eat the cheap crap being dished out? 

Is it really that SEX is a hot selling property and we love to lick it from anywhere and everywhere? 

This beats me for sure! Do let me know if you have any answers!

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