Meet This Woman Who Gives Reasons To Have Sex With Her DOG!

Meet This Woman Who Gives Reasons To Have Sex With Her DOG!

Sex with a dog – Sex is one of the most underestimated things in the whole world. Sex is not just a feeling; it’s a reflection of one’s complete personality, psychology, behavior and nature.

Sex is a basic need for some and an addiction for other. Some have a lot of fantasies about it while the others consider it as another usual chore or the method of producing children etc. Some of the people like experimenting in the same while the others break all the barriers of sense and humanity to fulfill their needs of sex and sexual desires.

Today, we’ll be talking about a woman who is addicted to having sex but the grossest part about this is that she is addicted to having sex with a DOG.

having Sex with a dog

We got in touch with the dame and tried to ask her about what about a dog made her get addicted to having sex with her dog.

Sex with a dog, she revealed is going to blow-off your mind. Let’s find out:

  1. No fear of Pregnancy: According to her, having sex with a dog doesn’t make her fear about getting pregnant because sperms from a dog’s body do nothing to a human body hence, the intercourse is more relaxed and tension-free.
  2. Better Oral Sex: She says that a dog’s tongue has rougher pores which feel better while the dog licks her vagina. Secondly, the licking is faster than that of humans which feel wonderful to her. She also confessed that giving a blowjob to a dog is comfortable as the size is perfect for the mouth.
  3. Better Orgasms: Dogs have a stronger, faster and long lasting intercourse as compared to that of humans. The sexual jerks that a dog gives are harder as compared to that of males. She says that all this that a dog does give her a brilliant orgasm.
  4. Intercourse last longer: She said that most of the time women don’t even have an orgasm while having sex with men but her intercourse with a dog lasts longer than men and she hence, has an orgasm. She also confessed that at times, she has multiple orgasms.
  5. Unique Feeling: She says that the feeling of her while having sex with her dog is unique and that cannot come to her if she someday decides to have sex with a man. She loves the feeling her dog gives to her and she is happily satisfied with it.

Okay, can you believe it that such people exist in the world who have no limit and no boundaries when it comes to sex. This is indeed a part of animal cruelty and people should start watching their actions. I am literally out of words, it’s so pathetic! It’s gross. Isn’t it?