Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Grand Daughter Is Sizzling And Has Put The Internet On Fire!

Medha Gandhi

Medha Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi can be considered as the synonym when we talk about India.

Known by the name of ‘Baapu’ he had the entire nation following him and that too blindly.

There are a lot of facts about his life, apart from being a follower of peace and tolerance he was courageous enough to chase away the Britishers who were ruling over India since 200 years. People know comparatively less about his life but history knows it all and things do come in light one day or the other and here we are with a recent update from Mahatma Gandhi’s family. This time it’s not because of some political reason, it’s because of his great grand daughter Medha Gandhi who is hot as hell and has taken internet by storm.

Let’s peep into the matter:

Mahatma Gandhi’s 154 descendants (in totality) live in 6 different nations other than India. His son Harilal’s son Kantilal is also among these. What people don’t know is that Kantilal shifted to America with his family which also includes his dear daughter Medha Gandhi. She has been born and brought-up in America itself and has no ounce of “GANDHIGIRI” in herself. She lives like any other normal westernized girl and that’s absolutely digestible.

She is not only known because she is Gandhi’s great granddaughter but is also famous for her stylish lifestyle and perfect attitude which is needed for a woman in today’s world. She is badass and this is one of the most amazing things which are unexpected from the members of the Gandhi family.

She likes to socialize with people through her social media networks and keeps her fan updated about her life and happenings surrounding her. She is a DJ, comedy writer and a comedy producer as well which means that she is definitely far away from politics and into the creative field which is damn nice to hear!

One of the shows Medha Gandhi produced was ‘The Dave and Jimmy Show’ whereas one of her recent shows is ‘Matty in the Morning Show’. These shows have bought her a lot of followers and that’s quite visible from her Instagram profile which has more than 52 thousand followers.

Leaving aside comedy, independence and style, Medha Gandhi, known as ‘babyhotsauce’ on Instagramis an animal lover and often posts pictures with her pet doggies. She is known for her chilled-out nature and stylish sense of carrying herself besides her bold and independent standard. She is currently staying in America and loves to stay far away from politics.

Isn’t her sudden introduction and fame a surprise for most of the Indians who don’t know her? Who could have ever thought that Mahatma Gandhi’s great granddaughter would be one of the most farthest from their genic occupation of being in politics?

This is really amazing, isn’t it?

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