You Can’t Stay In These Hotels in India During Night

Haunted hotels

Haunted hotels – Stories of haunted houses scare us out of our wits.

The haunted houses are home to spirits and the supernatural who are believed to be vengeful towards the mankind.

Hotel rooms play a pivotal role in many horror movies because behind the closed door, there lay mysteries in abandon. People, who have had real life encounter experiences with ghosts, see them in hotel rooms a lot because a lot of crimes or suicides take place there. The place, hence becomes mired in controversies and people start to spin a yarn. Not all of those stories are fake however and there are verbal accounts shared by the witnesses who saw ghosts in hotel rooms.

These hotel rooms in India fall in the list of Haunted hotels and you will probably never want to visit these places alone:

Haunted hotels –

1 – Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota:

This place was built back in 19th century which was later converted into a heritage place in the year 1980. This is home to one of the friendly ghosts of Major Burton, it is believed. He was an English official that was killed by Indian sepoys in the 1857 sepoy mutiny. Guards complain that the ghost walk in the corridor and slap them in every opportune moment during night.

2 – Hotel Savoy, Mussoorie:

The ghost of Lady Garnet Orme is said to be haunting this place. She was killed in the hotel by adding strychnine in her medicine bottle. In a few years later, the doctor who was looking after her was also found dead in the same manner. It is even said that the Agatha Christie classic Mysterious Affair at Styles was based on this true event.

3 – Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai:

The founder of the hotel Jamshedji Tata was denied access in the Watson hotel by the British and disgusted by the discrimination, he made this hotel plan made by W.A Chambers. But to their astonishment, upon returning from a foreign trip, the chamber found the hotel made in complete opposite direction of his architectural plans. This prompted the disheartened architect to jump from the 5th floor and commit suicide. The rumors of him hovering as a ghost there are rife since then.

4 РHotel  Fern Hill, Ooty:

The hotel shot to fame during the shooting of the Bollywood thriller Raaz followed by the complete shut-down of the hotel as horror stories started to do the rounds. As choreographer Saroj Khan and her team recounted, they woke up to a strange sound in the night of furniture being shifted in the first floor. They even tried to convey this news to the reception but all lines were dead. Adding to their horror, the receptionist said that there is no first floor itself in the hotel.

These are Haunted hotels – You can’t definitely not expect a calm and good night’s sleep in these hotels but if you really have stomach for creepy light breeze guiding past your hair or the windows and doors squeaking without wind, you should visit these places.

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