Beyonce And Jay Z: You Sold Your Divorce Many Times, Got Anything New To Sell Now?

The strong rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are headed for separation, not divorce, after the end of their current tour. Such rumors have surfaced before as well, that is why it all looks a big lie now.

Separation! Divorce! Parting Ways!

Such cruel and heart-breaking words, aren’t they?

It hurts even more when such words are used for a celebrity couple who is kind of on the top of power-couple list of the world! For a die-hard fan, it’s killing to know that the celebrity he or she idolizes doesn’t have a picture-perfect love-life. All the love and peace and harmony which the celebrities keep propagating through their work turns out to be just sham or too bookish! Tch Tch!

Here, we are talking about one of the biggest celebrity couples of the world, Beyonce and Jay Z!

During the multi-millionaire couple’s six years of married life, there has been hell lot of gossiping about their marital life. One day they are coochie-cooing on a show, next day they are talking divorce! Can you imagine what kind of an impact it has had on their fans’ vulnerable hearts? How many of those were hospitalized just because they can’t watch their idols going separate ways? How much of the global economy suffered since people went into mourning and it affected their efficiency at work?

Okay, we are definitely exaggerating, but who do you think started this joke? It is a joke, after all!

This time again there are strong, mind you, really strong rumors about both of them going separate ways, not divorcing though, after their current ‘On The Run’ tour is over. Divorce might mean financial losses, so it is a strict no-no! Sadly, no amount of marriage counseling is helping, just like having a baby in 2012 didn’t help them to come together. So say the so-called sources! As these reports gather steam and everyone on the planet goes in save-the-world-from-catastrophe mode, there comes a lovey-dovey picture of Beyonce and Jay Z with their little daughter Blue Ivy on Instagram! Go figure!

Amidst all this confusion and uncertainty about planet’s.. errrr.. this couple’s future, a simple, loyal, and a non-assuming fan may just ask: What the hell is all this drama for? Money, perhaps! Obviously, both these singers are supremely talented, have been in the show business for decades with such a great body of work that their position in Hollywood is safe for many decades to come! Why to run such a boring stone-age era’s publicity-hogging campaign then?

Both should be made aware that their tours don’t need such cheap publicity.

Just like earlier times when all such speculations turned out to be bogus, it seems even now all this gossiping will lead nowhere. Oh wait, it surely will lead to their fatter than ever bank accounts!

Play some fresh and new music, guys!

Enough of this now-we-are-together-now-we-are-not crap!

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