Check Out This Eye-Opening Video Before Giving Money To The Beggars

Beggars On The Street

Beggars On The Street –  In this country, there are countless beggars who can be seen begging near signals, crossroads with certain gesture of helplessness and torn clothes.

By observing their helplessness and pitiable condition, many generous people often give them money from their own pockets. But, do you know, that the reality of begging is no more compulsion for the poor but now the educated ones have started making money out of it.

Yes, you read it right.

In 2011, according to a survey report, out of 3.75 million beggars on the streets, there were nearly 21 percent i.e. 75, 000 beggars found who were 12th pass. Also, some beggars were B-Tech pass and others had completed professional courses too.

Thus, to find out the amount earned by a beggar per day, a graduate of Delhi University decided to change his appearance and beg on the streets of Delhi. Every month, this graduate earns Rs 15, 000 working in a BPO, but the amount he earned during begging in a time period of nearly 2 hours left him stunned.

In just two hours, this so-called beggar earned Rs 200. Thus, you can imagine that if begging the whole day can fill a beggars pocket with Rs 1000, then it’s quite obvious that in one month he is earning nearly Rs 30, 000. Shocking, isn’t it? Well, this video of a graduate from Delhi University will force you to think that every beggar on street is not begging because of any helplessness but there are some educated  people who dress up to earn money as well.

Here’s the video that’ll leave you stunned – Take a look and share it with your friends too.

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