Get Ready For A Double Dose Of Sex: Sherlyn Chopra In A Double Role!

sherlyn chopra

Sex sells!

Ahh, such an old and oft-repeated thought, isn’t it?

Well, old is gold! Yeah, no matter how many times we may crib that there is no healthy entertainment, that anything without sex can never become a huge hit and blah blah blah; the truth is that nothing sells like sex, anywhere on the planet!

The people, especially girls, who realise this hard fact of commercial life early in their life, are able to milk this thought to the maxim. And one girl who has successfully used this cliché again and again to become really famous is none other than Sherlyn Chopra! Yeah she is the same girl who boasts to be the first Indian to grace the cover of one of the hottest selling porn magazines of the world, Playboy; wearing just her birthday suit!

Sherlyn Chopra playboy cover girl

Sherlyn Chopra playboy cover girl

The Playboy stunt may not have given her huge success in India, but it surely made her one of the hottest girls considering her Twitter account was always filled with raunchy naked/semi-naked pictures. After lying low for a while, she is back in news that she has been signed by a production house for a movie in which you will see Sherlyn Chopra In A Double Role, Isn’t that exciting?

To begin with let us tell you a bit about the producers. They are Subhash Choudhary and Shaila and they are the same guys who produced breathtakingly amazing cinema of last year, Filmistaan. That movie was also the National Award winner and touched the heart of the masses as well and became one of the surprise hits of the year. In nutshell, it was an incredibly well made movie, the kinds everyone wants to make and see. To see these guys signing Sherlyn Chopra for their next flick does raise some eyebrows!

Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra

They have claimed that they wanted a mature and sensitive actress for their upcoming flick, but after meeting Sherlyn, they saw depth in her and felt she could do justice to her character. Well, really guys? Like seriously? We are no ones to comment on their choice as the movie hasn’t been made yet, but going by the past record of this hot and sexy girl, one thing is for sure: she can look like a million bucks, but acting is not her cup of tea! In such a scenario the only possible thought behind casting her could be sensationalism! So as to say easy and quick publicity, a more massy appeal and an ease in selling the film, unlike Filmistaan which took more than two years to be released despite earning accolades all over the world!

Seems the makers have learnt a lesson or two from Sunny Leone whose movies sell like hot cakes even if they are primarily semi-porn! Obviously Sunny will charge a bomb so it’s better to sign the next big thing and there you are, looking into the future full of success and money!

Good luck guys! Just make Sherlyn do something more than strip naked, for she will do it without blinking an eye and you might have a major super hit of the year!

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