Bipasha Basu Is Going Naked, Alone!

Bipasha Basu is going naked in alone – Bipasha Basu recently gave an interview that her next role in the movie, Alone, is her boldest ever. Based on her career profile, the boldest she can do now is to go totally nude!

This definitely sounds like a true news and a shocking one too, since Bipasha Basu herself has admitted to it!

No, she didn’t exactly use these words that she is going nude, but what she said, clearly points towards that only.

And if she goes naked, it would be justified as well.

After all, so many young girls have entered the industry, including porn stars like Sunny Leone and competition has gone crazy.

During such times, an actress like Bipasha who has made her place in the industry due to her sex-laden roles only, can’t stand a chance given her ageing body and looks.

Going naked and setting new benchmarks look like the best idea to survive and be noticed!

Anyways, let us first tell you what she has said. She is promoting her upcoming movie, Alone and during one such interview she said that her role in the film is her boldest one ever!


What can one make out of this? It’s simple; that she is going to shed all her clothes and give some raunchy sexy scenes! All through her career, she has done passionate sensuous roles in films like Jism, Raaz etc where she had worn clothes which leave little to imagination.

So going bolder than that means not having a single inch of cloth on her well-toned and well-maintained body!

As such Bips is not known for roles which require lot of acting or talent so it is hardly surprising that she has chosen to go bolder for her next movie. Obviously she doesn’t have many choices, especially after being successful as a ghost or the main lead in most horror flicks being produced in Bollywood! Horror movies are a genre which relies heavily on sex-quotient and having Bips in them serves the purpose for both!


The interesting part is that she is going to have some crazy passionate sex scenes with TV’s heartthrob Karan Singh Grover (KSG) who is making his filmy debut. The dude has tones of female following and this could be one reason why Bipasha must have agreed to raise her own bar of giving passionate scenes in the movie.

It always helps to make the young female fans of the heartthrob extremely jealous! So you see, she is hitting three birds with one stone; making girls jealous, making men drool for her and giving film-industry guys a reason to still consider her in their movies, even if in sexual or ghost-oriented roles! Isn’t it a smart strategy?

Well, we all will be waiting to see if all this talk about going bold has any substance or is only part of some stupid film-promotion strategy.

However, it is a fact that Bipasha does have a loyal fan following and it will really be a treat to see her body sans any clothes; the body which was sculpted under the loving and caring guidance of her ex-lover, John Abraham!

More on that front, later; for now, wait and watch, Alone!

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