Friday, April 25, 2014
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Today's Thought
Some things have to be believed to be seen.
-Madeleine L'Engle
Brief News
  • 48m WhatsApp Users In India
    India seems to be fastest growing market for Mobile Messaging App WhatsApp which has 48m users and around 4m active users are joining every month
  • Yuvraj Hates Batting Under Pressure
    Shabnam Singh, mother of Yuvraj Singh, stated on Tuesday that her cricketer son Yuvraj Singh never liked playing cricket under pressure. He enjoys playing in relaxed moments.
  • TCS in Top 10 IT Firms in The World
    Tata Consultancy services, India’s largest IT service provider, has got into top 10 Global IT companies in the world from 12th position in 2012 to 10th position in 2013
  • Scientists Discover New Mineral in West Australia
    Scientists in Australia have discovered new mineral ‘Putnisite’ - as described by researchers which is distinctive in structure among other minerals in the world.
  • Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra
    Film maker Aditya Chopra and Film Actress Rani Mukerji got married in Italy on April 21 2014. The marriage was supposed to take place in February 2014 at Umaid Bhavan in Jaipur.
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Astro Predictions
Wear clothes white in color and visit a Ganesh temple. All the work you undertake might be successful. Try not starting anything new today. Lucky number: 9
You might end up spending money for something good today. Your enthusiasm might also prove beneficial. Traveling today may prove beneficial. Lucky number: 3
Incomplete work might clear up today. You might have to play host. Tie a green colored thread on your right arm. Lucky number: 9
Perform religious rituals like donation for mental peace. Light a lamp in a Ganesh temple today. Lucky Number: 19
Your work might take time to get over today. Mental peace is hard for you today. Chant Om Shivaye Om 31 times. It might prove beneficial. Lucky number: 11
You work might prove only 50% fruitful today. Wear clothes that are yellow in color and chant your family goddess name. Lucky Number:2
Be calm and composed as many of your decisions might prove wrong. Chant Om for mental peace. Lucky number: 1
You might have to spend a lot today. Chant your family goddess name wear clothes white in color. Lucky Number: 9
You might feel very lazy today. Donation might bring some enthusiasm in your life. Respect people around you. Lucky Number:13
You may be surrounded by mental and physical tension today. However, be ready for some good news post 4 p.m. Chant your family goddess name. Lucky Number: 4
Donate food and water to the hungry. You might receive some good news in your personal life. Lucky number: 3
Your plans may turn out successful today. Donate things and wear clothes that are white in color. Lucky number: 8

Is Your Birthday Today? Read

You might have to work more than required this year. Something good is expected to happen this year. Ventures might prove fruitful. A number of your wishes might come true. More responsibilities will emerge. Take extra precautions while driving in the month of August. You might travel towards east. Good news in professional life is expected post July. Eligible bachelors might get married in June. Lucky Number: 17, 16, 128

*Predictions by Shri Ganeshji Sharma

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